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Executive summary

POSE is a comprehensive festival and event planner designed specifically for event planners who organise festivals and events.

The purpose of POSE is to make it far easier, less time consuming and more efficient to plan and organise festivals and events.

To accomplish this it aims to provide all the functionality required for event management within a single program. All related data only needs to be entered once. That data can then be viewed by all those authorised to do so. Reports can be generated for invitations, letters, labels and name tags.

This has the benefits of:

If you need to move past spreadsheets to manage your events planning, POSE is for you.

On the one hand it is very quick and easy to get up and running with the basics of event planning in POSE yet on the other hand POSE has very advanced functionality that pleasantly surprises most new users.

An Overview of POSE

POSE contains the following:

POSE has a menu tree that sits down the left side of your screen.

One advantage of this to you is that you can see where you are in the menu structure at all times. Another is that you have instant access to all menu options without having to navigate back if you are in an option several levels down a menu tree.

The right side of the screen has the data entry or data viewing panel. You can open more than one panel at a time and switch backwards and forwards between each open panel.

If you look closely you can see the tabs at the top of the viewing panel. Each tab is an open panel.

This feature allows you to interrupt whatever you may be working on to do an urgent action, complete that, then return to where you were. All without having to close what you were in the middle of doing.

The Origins of POSE

Back in 2004, Sydney Festival had 7 different software programs used by different departments to manage the data for festival planning, VIP invitations, sponsorship, marketing etc. If one person changed the description for an event, there was not an automatic flow through of that information to all other staff who used it. Not everyone had access to the festival schedule. It was a nightmare scramble to communicate late changes to all who needed the data. Sometimes changes just fell through the cracks.

Ian Marks was the accountant there. He received a flyer in the mail from Just For You Software promoting their total business management software. After looking at the version available back then, Ian said, “Love the functionality, hate the look of it! My people are in the arts. They’ll never use it.”

The Sydney Festival had evaluated an off-the-shelf solution. However, its customisation cost alone to meet the Sydney Festival’s requirements would have been more than twice as expensive as Just For You Software’s custom solution.

So Sydney Festival commissioned Just For You Software to create a custom program specifically for festival management. The result of intensive planning and liaison between the developer and Sydney Festival, POSE was implemented, module by module, as the year progressed.

Just For You Software delivered a production management module within four months, and modules for event planning, people management, VIP management, organisational contacts, and sponsorship management followed within a year.

It was also part of the brief that the new software could be used on the Festival of Sydney’s existing three year old hardware infrastructure and maintained by a non-technical person.

POSE is running without the need for a database administrator or additional hardware costs.

POSE has been significantly expanded and refined over the subsequent years to provide the user experience most festival planners only dream about.

POSE now more than replaces the seven separate systems that were used by different departments with a single integrated event management solution used by the organisation’s entire staff.

What next?

Just For You Software have a copy of POSE available on a public facing server. If you would like to see what POSE looks like and put our event planning software through its paces, just drop us a line and we will be happy to walk you through a demonstration of it.

Contact details:

telephone: +61 (0)2 9552 3311